Football vs. Racism

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In recent years we have seen an increase of racist acts by fans towards football players. These is something that affects players’ morale and ability to concentrate on the game.

We all remember back in 2014 when Alves ate a banana that was thrown at him. Alves went on to post on Twitter: “my father always told me: son you should eat bananas to avoid cramps”. He made light of the situation and didn’t give it importance as he said it was the only way to stop these types of racist acts towards players.

On Saturday’s Manchester Derby game, we saw as one City fan made monkey gestures to Fred (United player). In a video that would go viral, it only comes to show that these acts of racism still go on in today’s society. According to the Daily Mail, the man was identified as 41 year old, Anthony Burke. The Greater Manchester Police will most likely be investigating what really happened.

As for now, fans should not condone or participate in these types of acts. We should respect everyone and keep football an enjoyable sport.

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