Arsenal takes a big hit at home and lets another 3 points slip past them

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Now in 10th place in the Premier League Arsenal hits the bottom half of the table. This marks Arsenal’s ninth game without a win and fans begin to question their loyalty.

Starting the game with a 4-2-3-1 formation Arsenals interim head coach Freddie Ljungberg might have thought he could get the upper hand on Brighton but it did not plan out in his favor. It was clear that Brighton was taking control early in the game and letting arsenals goalkeeper Leno feel the pressure shot after shot. It was until the 36’ minute that Brighton’s Adam Webster was able to take a shot from up close and put his team up 0-1 Giving them the lead.

After the half-time break Arsenal came out to the pitch with what seemed like a boost in confidence. Just a few minutes in to the second half Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette scored a brilliant header derived from a corner kick that was able to even the game up. A few minutes later another set play by Arsenal had them take the lead temporarily early in the second half but thanks to VAR the goal was officially ruled out due to David Luiz being caught offside.

Coming to a near end it was minute 80’ when Brighton’s Neal Maupay tucked away a wonderful header from inside the box. Brighton regained the lead and as much as Arsenal fought to even the game up they unfortunately were not able to. Arsenal loses again and Brighton pockets 3 valuable points.

At the end of the game, interim head coach Freddie Ljungberg admitted that he had a talk with his players during half-time in order to build some confidence, “Second half we had a word and were better but we are suspect on the counter and have no confidence. We gave them 45 minutes at home. I need to work on that and get confidence back into the boys. It’s a concern for any coach, a lack of confidence.”

It looks like Arsenal might need a boost in confidence but is that enough to get the team winning again? It has been a while since the London team has seen a win but can Freddie Ljungberg be the key for the team? What will it really take for Arsenal to start winning again?